Language Arts – May 27th – June 1st

We’ve made it! It’s the last week of school! Please take note that the Language Arts Semester Exam will be on Wednesday, May 30th during the second time slot. The exam is  from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Students have already been given a digital copy of the review sheet. Please see below for another copy.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Review for Semester Exam!

Tuesday Homework: Review for Semester Exam!

Wednesday: Semester Exam

Study Guide 10th Language Arts – Semester 2 Exam

Topics Covered

  1. 1984 Plot, Character Profiles – Winston, Julia, O’Brien, Parsons, Major Themes, IQR
  2. The CruciblePlot, Character profiles: John/Elizabeth Proctor, Parrish, Abigail, Tituba, Danforth, Mr. & Mrs. Nurse, Mary Warren.

Literature Segment

  • Plot Diagram/Summary of Story
    • Major events in the story that contribute to the rising action
    • The climax of story
  • Character Profiles
    • Personality
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Significance/contribution to the story
    • Symbolism/representation/personification of character
  • Major Themes / Symbolism
  • Important Questions Raised (IQR)
    • 1984
      • Can the government be trusted?
      • How does a government control people?
      • What is the purpose of the book 1984?
      • How does the ability to communicate affect people? (think about Newspeak)
      • What kinds of warnings does Orwell give through the book?
    • The Crucible
      • What is Miller saying about humanity?
      • Is there possibility for redemption? (think about Hale and Parris)
      • At was cost would you be willing to protect your family/friends (those close to you)?
      • The story takes place in early American history. How is this story relatable today? Why is it still considered significant?
      • Did John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse do the right thing? Were they being smart?
  • Compare and contrast characters/themes/symbols

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