Math II / Sept. 25 – Sept 29

Mon. Sept. 25,


No Class

MAP Test

No Class  
Tues. Sept. 26,


Lesson 2.4-2.6 Review HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Wed. Sept. 27,


Lesson 2.4-2.6 QUIZ QUIZ  
Thurs. Sept. 28,


Introduce Chapter 3 – Congruent Triangles

3-1 Congruent Triangles

Khan Academy Lesson (Triangle Congruence)

HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Fri. Sept. 29,


3-2 Triangle Congruence by SSS and SAS

Khan Academy Lesson (Triangle Congruence)

Khan Academy Video Tutor (Congruent Triangles & the SSS Postulate)

HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on


Art Sept. 25-29


The Desperate Man by Gustave Courbet

The Desperate Man by Gustave Courbet

self-portrait is a representation of an artist that is drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by that artist.

Students have been practicing how to depict facial features such as eyes, nose, lips, and ears. These exercises will be revised in their sketchbook before we begin the final project. Students were also asked to print a picture of themselves that they want to use as a model for their self portrait. The medium they will be using for this project will be Ebony Pencils over White Sulphite Drawing Paper.

Physical Education September 25- September 29, 2017

TENTH GRADE: During this week, the students will work on developing the following fundamental skills of BASKETBALL: passing, dribbling, free throw, layups and shooting. Students will put this knowledge to test in games. One day a week we will have aerobic fitness test.


4 Purposes of Fitness Testing:

  1. Recognize current fitness-level
  2. Set realistic goals based on current level
  3. Learn how to become more fit and have fun doing it
  4. Reflect on goals and lifelong fitness intentions

There are many reasons to assess fitness testing, but not grade it.  We want students to value their fitness and their own personal results, but never to be graded by their scores. Instead of grading, we should focus on assessing students on demonstrating the value of it.



Required Materials for Class:  Tennis shoes, water bottle and appropriate clothing.


Optional Materials for Class:  Bug spray, hat and sunscreen.        

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: To participate in class activities and receive full credit for the class, students need to wear appropriate clothing for P.E. class.


GOALS: We will use the word RESPECT to set the main goals for the year.


Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

Safety – The number one priority each day!

Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


REMINDER: I would like to remind you that all students need to be dressed appropriately for the days that they have P.E. class. Students should refrain from using the following:

–  Dresses for the girls

–  Jeans (shorts or pants)

–  Crocks

–  Sandals

–  Boots



Have fun!

Candy, food, and/or gum – out of sight, out of mind!

Positive attitude!

Remain in supervised areas all the time!






Psychology (Sept 25-29)


There will be a test on chapter five this Wednesday. Comprehensive notes for the school year and a chapter study guide are attached to this message.

The class will have a “dress rehearsal” Monday and will use the beginning of Tuesday to clean up any loose ends. Students will be missing part of Tuesday’s class due to MAP testing.

We will begin Chapter Six on Thursday.

Stewart Psychology Curriculum

Psych Chapter Five Study Guide

Español del 25 al 29 de septiembre


Lunes 25 estudiaremos el mito.

Martes se les asignará diferentes seres mitológicos los cuales presentarán el miércoles 27.

Miércoles 27 serán las presentaciones de los seres mitológicos.

Jueves 28  último control de lectura de los cantos XXI – XXIV

Viernes 29 no tendremos clases porque será horario a.m.

Nota: para el lunes 2 y martes 3 será la presentación de los monológos mitológicos.


Profesora Jazmín Avilez



Español del 18 al 22 de septiembre

Lunes 18  comentarán los cantos XVI – XX.

Martes terminarán con las presentaciones de los cantos. Continuaremos estudiando la mitología grecolatina.

Miércoles estudiaremos la epopeya.

Jueves control de lectura de los cantos XXI – XXIV

viernes asignación del monólogo mitológico. Los cuales serán presentados el lunes 2 y martes 3 de octubre. 




Environmental Science- Sept 18-22

Topic: Energy

ANWR Debate- Tues, Sept 19th
Home Energy Audit- Fri, Sept 22nd
Geothermal STEM Project- Mon, Sept 25th
AP- Solar Energy Audit- Thurs, Sept 28th (by end of class)

Pros and Cons Google Slides-
– Nuclear- Due Tues, Sept 19th
– Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric- Due Wed, Sept 20th
– Geothermal and Waves- Due Thurs, Sept 21st
– Biofuels and Fuel Cells- Due Fri, Sept 22nd

Biofuels Online Debate Forum- Due Mon, Sept 25th

Energy Pros and Cons Chart- Due Tues, Sept 26th

Test: Energy Unit – Tues, Sept 26th

Math II / Sept. 11 – Sept. 15

Mon. Sept. 11,


Lesson 2.1-2.3 Review HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Tues. Sept. 12,


Lesson 2.1-2.3 QUIZ QUIZ  
Wed. Sept. 13,


No Class – PM Schedule No Class  
Thurs. Sept. 14,




Fri. Sept. 15,