Environmental Science- Nov 20-22

Topic: Community Ecology

Food Web Activity
Isle Royale Case Study

Project: Food Web in Biome Project- Due Thurs, Nov 30th


Environmental Science- Oct 23-27

Topic:  Populations

Mark & Recapture Lab
10th grade- Overconsumption vs. Overpopulation & HIPPO Reading Responses

Read pg. 126-128 – For Tues, Oct 24th
Do pg. 129 (PQ 9-10)- Due Wed, Oct 25th

Human Population Regulations Project- Due Wed, Oct 25th
Hometown Population Study- Due Mon, Nov 6th

Environmental Science- Oct 16-20

Topic: Population

Mark & Recapture Lab
Practice Quiz Questions

10th grade- Population Dynamics Wkst- Due Monday, Oct 16th
Demographic Transition Reading & Prep for Mini-Presentation- Due Monday, Oct 16th
All Read- https://www.populationeducation.org/content/what-demographic-transition-model
Stage 1– Uziel & Gustavo
Stage 2– Ricardo
Stage 3– Laura
Stage 4– Oscar
Stage 5– Sergio
Engrade Discussion- Due Tues, Oct 17th

Analyzing Population Growth Lab Report- Due Wednesday, Oct 18th

Human Population Regulations- Nation Project- Due Wed, Oct 25th (see requirements below)

Human Population Regulation Project

45 points

Create a poster to describe the human population regulations in your given country.
Present this poster to the class.

What to include on your poster:
What problems were experiences previous to this regulation program? (5 points)
What was the population previous to this regulation program? (2 points)
When was this program started? (2 points)
What are the objectives of this program? (4 points)
What are the components of this program? (10 points)
What is the current population of this nation? (2 points)
Have the objectives of this program been met? If so, how? If not, why not? (5 points)
What effects have this program had on the people? (5 points)

Poster’s Appearance:
Colorful, Titled, Easily Read, Correct Grammar/Spelling (5 points)

Spoke clearly, Easily understood, Good posture (5 points)

Environmental Science- Oct 9-13

Topic: Population

Age-Gender Pyramid Think-Pair-Share
Mark & Recapture Activity
Demographic Transition Activity

Do this population growth demo  You must download this on a Excel program.  Do this worksheet Population Growth Factors- worksheet for excel workbook- page 1/- Due Tues, Oct 9th
Population Growth- Engrade Discussion- Post by Mon, Oct 16th

Analyzing Population Growth- Lab Report- Due Wednesday, Oct 18th

Solar Energy Audit

Environmental Sci- Oct 2-6

Topic: Population

Read- Chapter 6 and Watch Crash Course- Population Ecology

From the reading and video: Define population, community, ecosystem, population growth, exponential growth, logistic growth, carrying capacity, limiting factor, population density, density-dependent limiting factor, density-independent limiting factor

Do this population growth demo  You must download this on a Excel program.  Do this worksheet Population Growth Factors- worksheet for excel workbook- page 1/ 


Environmental Science- Sept 18-22

Topic: Energy

ANWR Debate- Tues, Sept 19th
Home Energy Audit- Fri, Sept 22nd
Geothermal STEM Project- Mon, Sept 25th
AP- Solar Energy Audit- Thurs, Sept 28th (by end of class)

Pros and Cons Google Slides-
– Nuclear- Due Tues, Sept 19th
– Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric- Due Wed, Sept 20th
– Geothermal and Waves- Due Thurs, Sept 21st
– Biofuels and Fuel Cells- Due Fri, Sept 22nd

Biofuels Online Debate Forum- Due Mon, Sept 25th

Energy Pros and Cons Chart- Due Tues, Sept 26th

Test: Energy Unit – Tues, Sept 26th

Environmental Science- Sept 11-15

Topic: Energy

Homework: What Do You Think?- ANWR- Due Monday, Sept 11th

Debate: ANWR Debate- Tuesday, Sept 19th

Each interest group must develop a written opening argument and points of debate that support their cause. All points of debate should be based on research. A list of references from which the information was drawn should be submitted.
Written work- Group Grade-
-Opening argument- defines the role of the group, along with a clear, concise argument-3 points
-Points of offense- Well researched and strong arguments that support their overall point of view-     10 points
– Points of defense- Well researched statements that defend their point of view against opposing       points of view- 10 points
– Biblography- MLA formatted- 3 points
Debate- Individual Grade
– Relevance of comments- 5 points
– Strength of arguments- 5 points
– Persuasive wording- 4 points