Math II / Sept. 26 – Sept. 30

Mon. Sept. 26,


2-5 Parallel Lines and Triangles

Khan Academy Video Tutorial (Parallel and Perpendicular Lines)

Khan Academy Video Tutorial (Example: Finding Angles in Isosceles Triangles)

HW: From assigned PDF File

Instructions on

IXL: F.2, F.3 (Geometry)


Tues. Sept. 27,


2-6 Constructing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Khan Academy Video Tutorial (Parallel and Perpendicular Lines)

Khan Academy Video Tutorial (Geometric Constructions: Perpendicular Line)

HW: From assigned PDF File

Instructions on

Lesson 2.4 – 2.6 QUIZ
Wed. Sept. 28,


Lesson 2.4 – 2.6 Review HW: Review problems assigned in class.  
Thurs. Sept. 29,


Lesson 2.4 – 2.6 QUIZ No HW  
Fri. Sept. 30,


Go over Lesson 2.4 – 2.6 Quiz

STEM Challenge Materials (Bring for Monday, October 3):

  • 1 cereal box
  • 5 brass fasteners
  • 10 rubber bands
  • 10 skewers
  • 20 straws
  • 2 yards of tape
No HW  

Psychology Sept 26-30

On Monday, you will present your psychological experiment findings to a panel of teachers during class. This will conclude our unit on Psychological Methodology and we will begin chapter 3, “Biology and Behavior.” While I am out on Tuesday, you will watch an episode of “Brain Games” to understand how our brains deceive us and affect our behaviors. On Wednesday, you will have a pre-assessment to review the parts of the brain and their functions from Biology and then based on these results, we will move on to the brain functions. You will be preparing for an “educational food fair” at the end of the week to inform people on the effects of food on the brain. We will conduct this “fair” next week for teachers and students.

ELA Sept 26-30

We will continue reading Edgar Allen Poe this week-first “The Black Cat” and then “The Cask of Amontillado.” You should have your own story printed and ready for class by Wednesday of this week since we did not get to it last week. You will have a vocabulary check by the end of the week. At this point, you should have at least 45 words at the very minimum. We will be exploring a variety of reading strategies and activities during the reading of the Poe stories. I hope you enjoy!


Week 8

Good morning to all 📚

On this week, we will cover the following lessons:
*Students must study everyday*
Students can practice daily lessons and vocabulary at the following websites:

HW: Homework will depend on daily exercises or activities done in class. The student will complete at home unfinished classwork.

Ms Pía Girbal                                            ESL/SSL 

HISTORIA DE HONDURAS II (26-30 de septiembre de 2016)

Los alumnos de décimo grado estudiarán el período de la independencia, causas y consecuencias.

Siempre recuerda revisar: El blog de tu grado a diario y así ver cual es el contenido, tareas y/o proyectos, y fechas de tus pruebas y/o de tus clases. Tus calificaciones en: por lo menos tres veces a la semana, para estar informado de los avances académicos que estés logrando.

Physical Education September 26-30, 2016


September 26 – 30, 2016


– No dresses for the girls

– No jeans

– No crocks

– No sandals

– No boots

-No Converse  (All Stars) tennis shoes

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Children who are not wearing the appropriate clothing for the class, will not be allowed to participate in P.E. class, and will receive no credit for the day, unless of course, there is a valid excuse.

Goals:  We will use the word R. E. S. P. E. C. T. to set the main goals for the year.

R – Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

E – Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

S – Safety – The number one priority each and every day!

P – Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

E – Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

C – Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

T – Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


  1. Have fun!
  2. No candy, food, and/or gum!
  3. Positive attitude!
  4. Don’t leave supervised areas!

Tenth Grade – During this week we will have a basketball game test. Free throw evaluation and layups.


Español del 26 al 30 de septiembre

Lunes 26 seguiremos con las presentaciones de los seres mitológicos. Después comentarán los cantos XVI – XX.

Martes terminarán con las presentaciones de los cantos. Continuaremos estudiando la mitología grecolatina.

Miércoles estudiaremos la epopeya.

Jueves control de lectura de los cantos XXI – XXIV

viernes 30 presentación de Santiago.

Nota: para el lunes 3 y martes 4 será la presentación de los monológos mitológicos.griegos-primer-grupo



Environmental Science- Sept 26-30

Topic:  Populations- Ch. 6 & 7

Age Pyramids Wkst.

Data Analysis-Due Wed, Sept 23rd
AP- Read Population Control Article- Reading ?’s- Due Wed, Sept 23rd

Analyzing Population Growth Lab Report- Due Wed, Oct 12th
Mark & Recapture Lab- Due Mon, Oct 3rd

Art Sept 19-23




Students will create a landscape painting using watercolors , and using special tools and techniques to create special visual effects for a pointillist style painting to create texture. Students will use and apply the elements of color intensity and complimentary colors to create a 3D effect, and will use the element of texture through the use of pointillism techniques to create the principles of harmony and gradation.

Homework: Bring a picture of a  color landscape picture, postcard or photograph with a foreground,middle-ground, and a background-avoid too much empty negative space- to use as your design guide.