Language Arts – December 3rd – 7th

Happy Holidays! We are in the final week of 2018! This week we will be reviewing for semester exams and exams begin on Wednesday, December 12th! Exam study guides have been posted to Google Classroom and we have already begun reviewing these topics in class.

Students are allowed to utilize their notebooks for this exam, so it is highly recommended that they organize and revise their notes.

Due to the format of the exams, students must bring their electronic devices (tablet with a keyboard or laptop) to complete the exam. Students must also bring earbuds/headphones. 

Important Dates

Monday/Tuesday: Review days

Wednesday: Language Arts Semester Exam (2nd time slot)


Language Arts – December 3rd – 7th

This week in Language Arts we will continue studying Rhetoric and Argument. Students will be practicing identifying the elements of a rhetorical situation and we will begin the SOAPS process. There is no class on Thursday due to the Songfest performances. On Friday we begin reviewing for semester exams.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Activity: Identifying Rhetorical Context (pg. 64)

Tuesday Homework: Activity: Shifting The Rhetorical Situation (pg. 65)

Thursday Homework: Review Materials from Q1 (to be announced)

Language Arts – November 26th – 30th

This week in Language Arts we will continue practicing identifying syntax, diction, tone, figurative language, imagery and theme based upon the analysis principles that we have been developing this quarter. Students will have an exam on Wednesday. Towards the end of the week, we will begin our Rhetoric and Argument unit.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Style & Theme Assignment (pg. 52)

Tuesday Homework: Study

Wednesday: Exam on Language and Style

Thursday Homework: Read Introduction (pgs 55-59)

Friday Homework: Identifying Claims (pg 61)

Language Arts – November 19th – 21st

Happy Thanksgiving! This short week in Language Arts we will continue exploring literary analysis. Last week we focused in applying the core elements of analysis to draw conclusions about theme using excerpts from literature. This week we will look at the elements of those building blocks: diction & syntax, style, and tone.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Read “Language and Style, Diction, Syntax” sections of PDF textbook

Tuesday Homework: Read “Figurative Language, Imagery, Style, Tone, A Model Analysis ‘The Catcher in the Rye’

Language Arts – November 12th – 16th

This week in Language Arts, we will continue practicing literary analysis. Last week the core concepts of literary analysis were introduced. This week we will be practicing utilizing the concepts with excerpts from literature, poetry and a short film. There will be an exam on the concepts on Friday, November 16. *Reminder: Friday is a half day, PM schedule.

***On Tuesday, all students will be taking the English First (EF) exam which is an exam being administered nationwide as an effort to quantify the level of English speakers in Honduras. This exam is mandatory.

  • Students MUST bring headphones to school to take this exam.
  • Tuesday’s class will be held in the Information Center. Students may utilize their own computer to take the exam. Tablets will not function properly to take this exam. We have laptops available for those students who would like to borrow one.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: The Scarlet Letter Analysis

Tuesday: EF Exam in Information Center – begins 6th period. No Math Class.

Tuesday Homework: A Raisin in the Sun Analysis

Wednesday Homework: Poem Analysis

Thursday Homework: Study

Language Arts – November 5th – 9th

This week in Language Arts, we will be beginning a new unit: Literary Analysis. This focuses on thinking abstractly, the basics of analyzing literature, working with theme and identifying the use of literary elements. There will be an exam on Wednesday, November 14th on this unit.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Identifying theme assignment

Tuesday Homework: Analyzing theme in a poem

Friday Homework: Analyzing an excerpt from The Scarlet Letter

Language Arts – October 29th – November 2nd

The internal ABSH Language Arts Competition is here! This week in Language Arts, students will be competing in a spelling bee as well as a speech competition. We currently have the spelling bee forecasted for Wednesday, October 31st. Speech presentations will begin on Thursday, November 1st and continue into Friday, November 2nd. We have been working on speeches for the last few weeks, and our students should be in a very good place for the competition this week.

I encourage students to continue to practice the speech at home every evening this week prior to the speech to become more familiar with the material, the pace of the speech, and the timing of their overall presentation. I would recommend video recording the speech at home so that students can see their movements and gestures, which is something that we focused on in class. The official ABSH speech grading rubric can be found in Google Classroom.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Spelling Bee Worksheet (Google Classroom)

Tuesday Homework: Video Record Speech (Students that were absent last week)

Wednesday: Spelling Bee!

Thursday: Present Speech

Friday: Present Speech

Language Arts – October 22nd – 26th

This week in Language Arts we will be continue preparing for the internal ABSH Language Arts competition that is coming up in November. Students will be focusing specifically on developing their speeches, which they will present on Thursday. Friday is UN Day; there will be no classes.

**Students leaving for Model UN Panama and the Basketball Competition (Costa Rica) will be responsible to make up missing work when they return to school next week. This will include reviewing class notes in Google Classroom and drafting a final speech which will be presented next week on Thursday, November 1 and Friday, November 2.**

Important Dates

Monday Homework: First draft of ABSH Speech

Tuesday Homework: Second Draft of ABSH Speech

Wednesday Homework: Third Revision of ABSH Speech / Recorded Speech

Thursday: Present Speech for 1st time.

Language Arts – October 15th – 19th

This week in Language Arts we will be continue preparing for the internal ABSH Language Arts competition that is coming up in November. We will review ABSH rules for both the Spelling and Speech competitions and will focus on specific skills that can students can practice and utilize in both competitions. Please remember, this Friday we have student led conferences.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Research Spelling Bee tips/tricks (digital group work)

Tuesday Homework: Choose speech topic w/ writing assignment

Wednesday Homework: Modeling speech

Language Arts – October 8th – 12th     

Welcome back students! This is the last week of quarter one! We are a quarter of the way through the school year already! This week we in Language Arts we will be looking at context. Students will be looking at pieces of art, photography and poetry, analyzing each through a contextual lens as a culminating activity for this unit. Students will be taking vocabulary quiz on Friday.

Important Dates

Wednesday Homework: Contextual Writing Assignment

Thursday Homework: Study for Vocabulary Quiz

Friday: Vocabulary Quiz