Language Arts – August 13th – 17th

This week we will review MLA citing, paraphrasing and summarizing. Students will be working with news articles and non-fiction sources while practicing citing. There will be a quiz on Thursday.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Synthesis paragraph

Tuesday Homework: Summarize article and create citation

Wednesday Homework: Study

Thursday: Quiz on citing


Language Arts – August 6th – 10th

Welcome back students! This short week we will be getting back into school mode by reviewing classroom rules, school policies and then we will set up our Google Classroom! There will be a graded practice exercise and a quiz on Friday which will be on the material covered Wednesday and Thursday.

If you want to get a jumpstart on signing into the Google Classroom, the class code is: qjw6nb1

You must use your Discovery School email to sign in!

Important Dates

Wednesday Homework: Google Classroom practice assignment (due by midnight!!)

Friday: Quiz on class rules, school policies and Google Classroom procedures

Welcome Back! (Language Arts)

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back! We are looking forward to another great year at Discovery School! I am Mr. Gregory Pappas and I teach high school Language Arts. This is my second year teaching at Discovery and I am excited to continue working with the wonderful students we have here at our school.

This year, I will be teaching 9th and 10th grade Language Arts, British Literature, Communications and ESL to new English speakers. Courses will focus on the common core standards associated with each grade level, and will also have a strong integration of skills necessary to prepare students for special events this year such as the PSAT exams, ABSH Language Arts competitions and pre-AP coursework. It will be a busy but fruitful year!

As we begin to get back into the swing of things for this school year, please take note of the following information regarding grading policies, homework policies and general class information. Please read the following information closely. For further clarification, please consult the Discovery School Student Handbook for a full list of school policies.


Homework is due at the beginning of the class period. Late homework is subject to a points deduction: -10% for the first day, -20% for the second day. Homework that is more than two days late will receive a score of zero and will additionally generate a written detention in order to provide the student the time to make up the work. The completed assignment will not be given any credit.


Students will be required to complete both short-term and long-term projects throughout the year. This category follows similar guidelines as the aforementioned homework policy. Assignments that are 1 day late will lose 10% credit and 20% if submitted two days late. Assignments that are 3 days late will not receive any credit, but are expected to be completed. Students will receive a written detention, daily, until the missing work is completed. The completed assignment will not receive any credit.


*Students that miss an exam or quiz due to illness MUST take the exam on the day that they return to school. Students may take the exam during their lunch hour, but I strongly suggest that students contact me prior to returning to school to schedule taking their exam before or after school on the returning day. Students generally perform poorly when they hurriedly make up exams during their lunch hour.


Classwork is generally due on the day that it is assigned. Occasionally, I may ask that it be completed as homework.

Students may take notes on a laptop computer with prior permission from me, and this permission is reserved for students who have demonstrated the maturity necessary to not use their devices as a distraction.

Students are expected to participate in class debate/discussion when appropriate. Perfect scores for classwork/engagement can only be earned by students who are consistently making contributions to the class. Being present and doing the work is a big part of this grade, but perfect scores are reserved for students who consistently lead through their example.

**Classwork missed due to an excused absence can be made up for full credit. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to ask me about any assignments missed due to an absence.

  • If a student is absent for 1 or 2 days, he/she MUST bring an excuse from home in order to be able to make up the missing work.
  • If a student is absent for 3 or more days, he/she MUST bring an excuse from the doctor in order to be able to make up the work.
  • If the student brings an appropriate excuse, he/she will have 1 day per day missed to make up his/her work.
  • If the student fails to present his/her work when it is due, he/she will receive no points for the work.
  • If the absence is due to a pre-planned activity, work that is due on the day of departure should be turned in prior leaving.

If there are any questions or concerns about the upcoming year, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or contact the school directly to arrange an appointment. I can be reached at


Welcome back! We are going to have a great year!


Mr. Pappas


Language Arts – May 27th – June 1st

We’ve made it! It’s the last week of school! Please take note that the Language Arts Semester Exam will be on Wednesday, May 30th during the second time slot. The exam is  from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Students have already been given a digital copy of the review sheet. Please see below for another copy.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Review for Semester Exam!

Tuesday Homework: Review for Semester Exam!

Wednesday: Semester Exam

Study Guide 10th Language Arts – Semester 2 Exam

Topics Covered

  1. 1984 Plot, Character Profiles – Winston, Julia, O’Brien, Parsons, Major Themes, IQR
  2. The CruciblePlot, Character profiles: John/Elizabeth Proctor, Parrish, Abigail, Tituba, Danforth, Mr. & Mrs. Nurse, Mary Warren.

Literature Segment

  • Plot Diagram/Summary of Story
    • Major events in the story that contribute to the rising action
    • The climax of story
  • Character Profiles
    • Personality
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Significance/contribution to the story
    • Symbolism/representation/personification of character
  • Major Themes / Symbolism
  • Important Questions Raised (IQR)
    • 1984
      • Can the government be trusted?
      • How does a government control people?
      • What is the purpose of the book 1984?
      • How does the ability to communicate affect people? (think about Newspeak)
      • What kinds of warnings does Orwell give through the book?
    • The Crucible
      • What is Miller saying about humanity?
      • Is there possibility for redemption? (think about Hale and Parris)
      • At was cost would you be willing to protect your family/friends (those close to you)?
      • The story takes place in early American history. How is this story relatable today? Why is it still considered significant?
      • Did John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse do the right thing? Were they being smart?
  • Compare and contrast characters/themes/symbols

Language Arts – May 14th – 18th

This week we will continue examining The Crucible. We will discuss the genre of tragedy and draw comparisons between works we’ve previously read this year. Later in the week, we will look at the concept of contracts and how they play a vital role in human society. There is an exam on act 4 on Friday.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Tragedy Written Response

Tuesday Homework: Finish Act 4

Wednesday Homework: Contract Written Response

Thursday Homework: Study

Friday: Exam: Act 4

Language Arts – May 7th – 11th

This week we will continue examining The Crucible. After watching the film Life is Beautiful last week, students will now look at themes such as irrational fear and hysteria. Students have a quiz on Acts 2 & 3 on Wednesday.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Finish Act 3

Tuesday Homework: Study

Wednesday: Quiz Acts 2-3


Language Arts – April 30 – May 4

Welcome back students! This week we will continue examining The Crucible. As the town of Salem spirals into chaos, we can see that it is reminiscent of the terror and hysteria portrayed in films about Nazi Germany. Students will be watching a film and as a class we will be drawing parallels between the state of Salem and that of Germany during World War II.

Important Dates

Thursday Homework: Complete Film Questions

Friday Homework: Read ½ of Act 3

Language Arts – April 23 – 27

This week students will be presenting their projects on countries with theocratic governments. I have reserved the Information Center for Monday so that students can finish working on their projects and presentations will begin on Tuesday. Later in the week, come back to the book we are reading this quarter: The Crucible and begin looking at Act 2. There will be an exam on Act 2 of The Crucible when we return on Wednesday, May 2.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Finish Presentations

Tuesday: Presentations

Wednesday: Presentations

Thursday Homework: Review Act 2 of The Crucible / Finish Timeline (classwork)

Friday Homework: Prepare for exam on Wednesday, May 2.

Language Arts – April 16 – 20

This week we will continue reading the last book of the year: The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

The nature of the story is very complicated, as morality, integrity and their adherence to their religious beliefs create a complex and convoluted mess. This week, we will attempt to unravel this story and discern what is really happening in this story. Students will also begin working on a project that will be presented next week. The Information Center has been reserved this week for class Thursday – Friday.

Important Dates

Monday Homework: Half of Act 2

Tuesday Homework: Finish Act 2

Wednesday Homework: Brainstorm for Project

Thursday Homework: Project

Friday Homework: Project