Sociology May 15-19

We are starting a new unit on race and ethnic relations, so you will be watching the film, Remember the Titans, and completing a movie guide that is listed on my daily presentation. You are also responsible for defining the vocabulary in the slides and completing the independent research quest. All of this should be completed by Wednesday, May 24.


Sociology April 24-28

Adults pass through many stages in life, and we have been focusing on certain challenges and aspects of adulthood for the past couple weeks. This week we will focus on the concepts of deviance and social control. We will explore theories of deviance, stigmas and stereotypes, and the criminal justice system. This week’s concepts are from Chapter 8 in the textbook.

Sociology April 18-21

To conclude our Adulting 101 crash course in our “The Stages of Adulthood and Adult Socialization” unit, we will have a couple assignments simultaneously happening this week. Most arguably, two of the most challenging aspects of adulthood are parenting and working, and you will be getting a glimpse of both of these this week. You will be participating in a Baby Egg Project and will be responsible for taking care of your very own baby egg for an entire week. Also, you will be”adulting” by preparing for a job interview this Friday, which will include interview tips, cover letter and resume writing.

Sociology April 3-7

We will study Chapter 7 this week, The Adult in Society. Each day you will be given an adult scenario that you must evaluate and solve. We will discuss the various stages of adulthood and issues that plague adults such as midlife transitions, unemployment, glass ceiling, and ageism. Each night for homework you will be required to interview an adult in your life about the topics that were addressed that day.

Sociology March 27-30

In this unit we have been discussing socialization, and over the past few days you have completed a presentation on one issue that ails adolescents in society. This week, in collaboration with Ms. Patricia’s Language Arts class, you will be presenting your information in a conference style forum. Her students will be your audience and following your presentation, there will be a question/answer discussion to address these issues. At the end of the week, you will have an evaluation that you will need to complete that assesses this project and your overall performance.

Sociology March 20-24

We are continuing our unit on socialization this week. On Monday we will discuss all of the factors that influence our socialization. Tuesday we will discuss the concept of resocialization and look at various peoples such as child soldiers and inmates that must be rehabilitated back into society. Wednesday through Friday will address the “Adolescent in Society” and the “Adult in Society.” On Thursday and Friday you will be writing a 2 page research paper about the topic that you choose on Wednesday. We will create a list of issues that affect adolescents and adults and you will write a research paper on the topic of interest.

Sociology March 13-16

We are starting a new unit this week: The Individual and Society. On Monday, we will discuss the debate of nature vs. nurture and learn about children that were isolated during their early years of life. We will discuss the social self by looking at three theories by Locke, Cooley and Mead, and we will complete a graphic organizer on the agents of socialization.

Sociology Feb 21-24

We will continue to discuss the ideology and history of various social movements in the United States and throughout the world. First we will finish the documentary, She is Beautiful When She is Angryand compare the content to the women’s marches that took place in January of this year all around the world. We will also look at the Civil Rights movement, Gandhi’s movement against Great Britain in India, and Nelson Mandela’s movement against apartheid in South Africa.

Sociology Jan 30-Feb 3

This week will focus on Chapter 2, which answers the question, “What is culture?” You will be creating collages based on vocabulary from the chapter and you will be studying tribal cultures from around the world and identifying elements of their culture. You will have a quiz on Friday of this week on the vocabulary from the chapter.