Art Sept 11-13

Self- Portrait

Students have finished a study of eyes in their sketchbook. This week they will begin to make a study of lips in their sketchbook.


Art Aug. 21-25

Logos and Slogans

Students will create a Logo and a Slogan. Their projects must reflect important traits used in publicity and graphic design. Their Logos must be simple, resizable,, and memorable. They must also take care of the neatness of their work, and demonstrate good use of the chosen media.

Art April 24-28

Image result for leonardo da vinci study of hands

Students have been learning that many great artist practice drawing their subjects from different angles and different lighting to master their art. Such is the example of Leonardo da Vinci and his study of hands. This week, they will continue to create a study of hands on Manila paper.

Art April 18-21

Hands Anatomy Project

Students have being studying hands. They have sketched hands starting from their bone structure, building on to their muscle structure, and finally drawing hands in different positions. They will use this knowledge to create an original and creative composition using hands.

Art March 6-10


Students have been putting together ideas to create a Surrealism like art work. They will begin to paint their ideas on canvas this week. Students who wish to research and make a presentation are able to as long as they meet the due date.

10th grade Still Life Projects


Art Feb 27 to March 3



  • Students will be able to list and discuss the work of  artists that were a part of the surrealism art movement.
  • Students will be able to create a surrealism painting using prior knowledge of commonly accepted art elements.

Students will begin to read and understand the movement of surrealism.They will create a unique composition based on their creativity combined with their dreams.


Art Feb 21-24

Dada And Surrealism Arts Between The Wars

Students will read and form an overall idea of the conceptual symbolism of Dada and surrealism to later create their own art work.


*Students who had to present and exposition about H.E.P will do so on Wednesday Feb 22nd.

Art Feb 13-17

Hard Edge Painting

Resultado de imagen para hard edge painting


Understand principles of composition.

Create a nonobjective geometric abstraction.

Apply previous knowledge about the use as acrylic, paint brushes, and canvas as a medium.

Students will use tape to make straight lines. They will paint unvarying colors using temperas and acrylics. Students will layer each color making clean geometrical figures.

Art Jan 6-10

Hard Edge Painting

Lorser Feitelson, Untitled 1952, 40 x 70 inches

H.E.P is a painting in which abrupt transitions are found between color areas. Color areas are often of one unvarying color. The Hard-edge painting style is related to Geometric Abstraction.

Students are strongly encouraged to create their own compositions using famous classics as an inspiration.

This week students will design and color  a H.E.P design in their sketchbooks.Once the design is completed they will draw it on a 16 x 20 canvass.







Art Jan 30 -Feb 3

Still life Projects

Students have been practicing observational drawing. They have learned the importance of a good composition and practiced sketching exercises. This week they will practice the use of non- color value using an Ebony Pencil and Drawing Paper as a medium.