Sociology – May 28 to June 1


Here’s a copy of the review sheet. We may be making some additions in class.

Review Sheet – Key Terms, Concepts, Themes

And here are my own typed notes from the semester.

Semester Notes


Art May 21-25

Letter Sculptures


Robert Indiana. Love

In this lesson plan, students design and construct a 3-dimensional letter using one of their initials. The surface can be decorated with descriptive words and images that are personally meaningful and unique to the student’s identity. The finished letters are hard and durable.

Math II / May 21 – May 25

Mon. May 21,


Go over Lesson 7.1 – 7.5 QUIZ

From Algebra II Book

5-4 Factoring Quadratic Equations

Khan Academy Video Tutorial (Factoring Quadratics)

HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Tues. May 22,


From Algebra II Book

5-5 Quadratic Equations

Khan Academy Video Tutorial (Quadratics)

HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Wed. May 23,


From Algebra II Book

Lesson 5.4 – 5.5 Review

HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Thurs. May 24,


Lesson 5.4 – 5.5 QUIZ QUIZ
Fri. May 25,


Semester Exam II REVIEW HW: From assigned PDF File Instructions on

Español del 21 al 25 de mayo


Lunes 21: empezarán las presentaciones de “La Literatura contemporánea”

Martes 22: presentaciones “Literatura contemporánea”

Miércoles 23: lectura acto III de “La casa de Bernarda Alba” seguidamente                            prepararán un acto de la obra. 

jueves asignación del análisis literario de la obra.

viernes 25: empezaremos repaso. Entrega del análisis literario. 


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Español del 14 al 18 de mayo

Lunes 14: Asignación de la última presentación del año “La Literatura Contemporánea”

martes 15: trabajarán en la última presentación  “La Literatura Contemporánea”

miércoles 16: Presentarán los temas de La “Literatura Contemporánea”

Jueves  17: Presentaciones de “La Literatura Contemporánea”

Viernes 18: Leeremos acto II de la obra.


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Español del 7 al 11 de mayo

Lunes 7: introducción a la Generación del 27.

martes 8: Generación del 27.

miércoles 9: tendrán tiempo para trabajar en el álbum de Las Vanguardias. Recuerden la fecha de entrega de este trabajo es el viernes 11 de mayo.

Jueves 10:  empezaremos a leer la obra de teatro de Federico García Lorca.

Viernes 11: Entrega del álbum de las Vanguardias. Lectura. 


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Art May 2-4

Action Painting

A term coined by the American critic Harold Rosenberg in 1952 to define a specific set of Abstract Expressionist artists who saw the canvas as an “arena in which to act.” Artists like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Kline were associated with this term due to their more spontaneous and/or physical act of painting. Such an idea of painting emphasizing its physical process would be highly influential on later artists.