Art Nov. 20-22

Pointillism Project

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A Sunday on La Grande Jatte Georges-Pierre Seurat — 1884

Students will continue to add value to their Pointillism Projects by juxtaposing dots using water-colors as a medium.


Psychology – Thanksgiving Week

We will be continuing with our operant conditioning lab and may squeeze in some curriculum from chapter 8 of the textbook if the mice and students look like they need a respite.

Engrade will be updated today to alert you to material that has either been completed (write-ups of the first few days of lab observations) or is missing (nothing is there).

Art Nov. 13-17

Water-Color Landscape


To create a Landscape painting using thick and thin dots with watercolors to create a pointillist style painting.

Students will choose pictures that have been taken previously or take new pictures of landscapes. They are also allowed to find colorful images from the internet.

Each image is unique and will be chosen by each student according to their style their artistic preferences and skills.

Español del 13 al 17 de noviembre

Lunes 13 empezaremos a estudiar el teatro inglés renacentista. Se les entregará el libro del parcial.

Lunes y martes estaremos estudiando “El Renacimiento inglés”

TAREA: para el miércoles 15 impresión de la reina Isabel I.

TAREA: para el jueves 16 de noviembre tienen que llevar impreso o copiado en su cuaderno un soneto de Shakespeare en español.

Viernes 17 de noviembre  será el primer control de lectura del acto I.


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Language Arts November 6th – 10th

This week will continue to read Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes. We will review the exam from last week and students will be reading progress report 13-15 for homework this week. We will also discuss the issue of plagiarism, which is something that needs to be addressed. This week we will also have our spelling bee in preparation for the ABSH local and national competitions.

Important Dates:

11/6 – Homework: Read Progress Report 13

11/8 – Spelling Bee (tentative)

11/8 – Homework: Read Progress Report 14

11/10 – Homework: Read Progress Report 15

Art Nov. 6-10

Pointillism Project

Students a reviewing Pointillism as an art style. They have already learned the basics of Pointillism back in 7th grade. They will retake this art style now with a stronger more professional approach. They will be using water-colors as a medium.


Psychology Nov 6-10 (Mr. Ian Stewart)

The students have finished building mazes for the psychology lab. Mice will be integrated into the classroom soon.

Before that happens, there are two major events this week . . .

  1. Write-ups of the background science and proposals for the research methodology are due Tuesday, November 7. Students have been working on these write-ups for the latter half of last week and some “first drafts” have already been through editing. HARD COPIES ARE DUE ON THE SEVENTH.
  2. The students will be taking an assessment on Chapter 7 (Memory) on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how other things in the class are developing. There will be a review day prior to the written assessment.

ALSO . . .

Notebook check will take place Thursday and Friday. Students should of course bring notebooks to class every day, but a formal check will be done this week prior to midterm.

These are all important graded events, so all students are encouraged to finish the week strong and get those grades secured.