Reading for Psychology Class – 20 September

Here is a link to an article we are going to be reading together as part of our unit on consciousness. This article is connected specifically to issues of sleep, dreaming, and the effect of drugs on consciousness.



Español del 18 al 22 de septiembre

Lunes 18  comentarán los cantos XVI – XX.

Martes terminarán con las presentaciones de los cantos. Continuaremos estudiando la mitología grecolatina.

Miércoles estudiaremos la epopeya.

Jueves control de lectura de los cantos XXI – XXIV

viernes asignación del monólogo mitológico. Los cuales serán presentados el lunes 2 y martes 3 de octubre. 




Art Sept. 4-8

Logos and Slogans

 Students have explored their creativity by creating Logos and Slogans using Mixed Media. This week their Logos and Slogans Project will be revised and graded using a rubric that corresponds to the project. Students will complete a 5 question written evaluation in sketchbook.