Mr. Stewart Introduction (Social Studies 9-12)

Good Day,

My name is Ian Stewart, and I am the newest member of the faculty at Discovery School. I will be teaching social studies for grades 9 through 12.

For the past thirteen years I have been teaching economics, government, and history (both global and US) at a public high school in New York City. While I enjoyed my time at Bronx Health Sciences High School very much, I was ready to explore new challenges and to embark on an adventure.

Prior to my time teaching in the public schools, I worked in the private sector for a test-preparation company by the name of The Princeton Review. While my primary responsibilities focused on test preparation for graduating college students (LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT), I have extensive experience in helping students prepare for the SAT.

My sister is a Discovery School parent, and I have visited Honduras on two occasions in the past. I am delighted to be joining the Discovery School family and look forward to getting to know you all better as we move through this coming school year together.


Ian M. Stewart

Social Studies – Discovery School


Psychology December 5-9

We will finish up our semester course of psychology this week. We have definitely not covered all the information in our textbooks, so we are spending this week spotlighting the most important concepts that we have not studied yet: consciousness, memory, the stages of human development, and theories of personality. We will be using a variety of medias to learn this material and participating in activities and experiments. On Friday, we will be creating your study guide for the semester exam and next Monday and Tuesday will be review days.

Psychology Nov 28-Dec 2

As promised, we will play Kahoot on Monday with the mental health quizzes you created from your presentations. For the rest of the week, we will finish up our unit on sensory and perception by discussing how we perceive emotions and the concept of emotional intelligence. We will discuss the amygdala and its function with our emotional behavior. You will complete several psychological assessments as well as discuss and read various articles.

Psychology Nov 7-11

We will finish our unit on mental illness this week by completing presentations on Monday and Tuesday, and then having our Harkness discussion on Wednesday. You need to be prepared with your five questions from the movie that you chose, and be ready to incorporate those films in the discussion. Remember, the discussion is a group grade so everyone is responsible for contributing. We will practice the format on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday we will finish up with various case studies of mental illness.

Psychology October 24-28

We will watch two films this week, Rainman and A Beautiful MindBoth of these films are based on true events and focus on two mental illnesses, autism and schizophrenia. As you watch the films, you will take notes for graded discussion as well as complete graphic organizers analyzing the characteristics of the psychological disorder.

Psychology Oct 17-21

We will be doing a variety of activities related to digital citizenship this week. For the first lesson, we will understand the pros and cons of technology on our brains, focusing on the development of children’s brains. You will write a four paragraph essay on these benefits and disadvantages. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be watching part of a documentary, Audrie and Daisy, that addresses the very dangerous and traumatic effects of cyberbullying.

Psychology October 3-4

We will continue our lesson on “Your Brain on Food” by researching the various effects certain foods have on your brain. You will have Tuesday to work on your visual presentation for the food fair that will be during class on Wednesday, October 12th.

Psychology Sept 26-30

On Monday, you will present your psychological experiment findings to a panel of teachers during class. This will conclude our unit on Psychological Methodology and we will begin chapter 3, “Biology and Behavior.” While I am out on Tuesday, you will watch an episode of “Brain Games” to understand how our brains deceive us and affect our behaviors. On Wednesday, you will have a pre-assessment to review the parts of the brain and their functions from Biology and then based on these results, we will move on to the brain functions. You will be preparing for an “educational food fair” at the end of the week to inform people on the effects of food on the brain. We will conduct this “fair” next week for teachers and students.

Psychology Sept 19-23

Last week you voted on two experiments that we will conduct this week for Psychology. On Monday, as a class you will come up with entire plan for your experiment this week by using a calendar and collaboration for time management. On Friday or Monday, depending on the time of the experiments, you will present your findings to a panel of teachers and staff here at Discovery. You will need to dress professionally and create a presentation of both experiments illustrating the scientific method, your findings, and how it relates to psychology.