Environmental Science- Sept 11-15

Topic: Energy

Homework: What Do You Think?- ANWR- Due Monday, Sept 11th

Debate: ANWR Debate- Tuesday, Sept 19th

Each interest group must develop a written opening argument and points of debate that support their cause. All points of debate should be based on research. A list of references from which the information was drawn should be submitted.
Written work- Group Grade-
-Opening argument- defines the role of the group, along with a clear, concise argument-3 points
-Points of offense- Well researched and strong arguments that support their overall point of view-     10 points
– Points of defense- Well researched statements that defend their point of view against opposing       points of view- 10 points
– Biblography- MLA formatted- 3 points
Debate- Individual Grade
– Relevance of comments- 5 points
– Strength of arguments- 5 points
– Persuasive wording- 4 points


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